Monday, February 27, 2017

Romantic Idea #4 Goodie Basket

Most men like to come home and relax after a hard days work. Here is a cute romantic idea that will definitely help him to relax! Create him a goodie basket. Start with a large container. You can use anything that you have around the house. Fill the container with your hubby's favorite snacks and drinks. Write him a note explaining how much you appreciate all the hard work that he does for his family and let him know that this is just your tiny way of saying thank you to him. *Remember this is a special treat for your hubby NOT FOR YOU! Please don't eat ANY of his snacks! Allow him to feel special :)
Romance Queen
Romance Queen

Hi there! My name is Sonya. I am passionate about re-igniting romance and deepening intimacy in marriage. So many marriages are mediocre and boring. Not because they lack love, but because they lack romance. Love is lukewarm and comfortable while romance is hot and exciting! Join me as I share tips and tricks to spice things up!


  1. I love your goodie basket.. long back I made such a goodie basket with all handmade items for my hubby on Valentine's day..

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    1. Thanks for visiting my site and for the sweet comment! God Bless :)