Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Female Anatomy

 We as woman tend to know less about our anatomies than men know about theirs because more of ours is internal. Yet by learning all we can about our bodies as God made us, we also enhance our    ability to know our husband. In fact the word "know" frequently has sexual connotations in the bible. Remember when it said, Abraham knew Sarah? Proverbs tells us to get an understanding. One of my favorite books in the Bible is Song of Solomon because it teaches us how to truly appreciate our God given gift of sexuality. 
Ok ladies lets jump right in. What's actually down there? 
Labia Majora- are the larger outer vaginal "lips". Their size and shape can vary from quite flat to rather full and prominent. This area does not have an abundant nerve supply but provides protection and cushion to the underlying structures.
Labia Minora- The smaller internal vaginal "lips". These are the delicate non-hair-producing tissue that provides a covering for the clitoris. 
Vagina- two flat walls that meet with the cervix protruding through the far end of the top before childbearing. Intercourse takes place below the cervix, rather than pointing into it. 
Cervix- is called the door to the womb, it is the lowest portion of the uterus, which opens into the vagina. This organ dilates or stretches during labor to allow the passage of a babying the birth canal. Its also the tissue that is sampled during a pap smear.
Clitoris- This is the only organ in the human anatomy thats sole purpose is to receive sexual pleasure. A small pea size organ that contains high concentrated nerve fibers which transmit pleasurable sensation in most women.
Hymen- This is ordinarily a thin membrane or portion of tissue that, during the intrauterine development of the baby girl, completely covers the vaginal opening. As the girl matures the hymen normally perforates or splits creating a window that allows menstrual fluid to escape.
Uretha- The external opening and short tube in the female that leads from the bladder to the exterior body.
Romance Queen
Romance Queen

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