Saturday, March 18, 2017

Penis 101

Yes! These are what you think they are(Lol). Say it with me...Penis! Too many Christian women act like they can't say the word, Penis; however, it's a VERY important part of our marriage. A healthy marital relationship and a high level of commitment to one's marriage seem to play a major role in the extent to which a person is satisfied sexually. This is why the best foundation for a satisfying sexual relationship is a loving, Christ centered marriage. It is also crucial that you communicate sexually! Talk about EVERYTHING that has to do with sex! The purpose of this photo is to get the conversation started. I want to challenge you to read this post with your hubby and really talk about it together. Can you pick your hubby's penis out of this line-up? It's not about preferring one penis type over another. It's about communicating with your hubby that you love him and his penis, regardless of the shape or size! Did you know there are certain sexual positions that can be more pleasurable based on your hubby's penis type? Here is a link that will give you some examples of sexual positions based on his penis type.
Romance Queen
Romance Queen

Hi there! My name is Sonya. I am passionate about re-igniting romance and deepening intimacy in marriage. So many marriages are mediocre and boring. Not because they lack love, but because they lack romance. Love is lukewarm and comfortable while romance is hot and exciting! Join me as I share tips and tricks to spice things up!

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